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She then would not leave the hospital until they accepted the lady, and stayed by her side until she died.

She took her formal religious vows in 1931 and chose to be named after St Therese of Lisieux – the patron saint of missionaries.

On her arrival in India, she began by working as a teacher; however, the widespread poverty of Calcutta made a deep impression on her, and this led to her starting a new order called “The Missionaries of Charity”.

At the age of 18, she was given permission to join a group of nuns in Ireland.

After a few months of training, with the Sisters of Loreto, she was then given permission to travel to India.

Anges was born into a In 1948, he was granted permission to leave her job to "follow Christ into the slums."3 She began by starting an open-air school for the children of Calcutta.

She did not have any funding for her school, but that did not stop Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa There are many people in this world that we consider great humanitarians.

Mother Teresa was a unique individual that stood out of the crowd because of her involvement in helping the sick, poor and dying.

In 1948, she left the convent to live full-time among the poorest of Calcutta.

She chose to wear a white Indian sari, with a blue border, out of respect for the traditional Indian dress.


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