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A map, GPS and compass will be your saving grace as well, as this barren plain of land tends to make people lose trust in their sense of direction.

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But those who do fancy a good workout can take their bikes around Al Qudra Cycle Track, spanning 86km which includes a 50km loop – just in case you’re afraid of venturing a tad too far.

You’ll find a camping area at Al Qudra Lakes East, and from there you can pitch up that tent and officially become a camper of Dubai.

Here’s a look at the best spots throughout the UAE to take your gear and get camping – adventure guaranteed.

(Between us though, there are some luxurious stays close by to some of these sites if you’re over trying to be the next Ibn Battuta).

Rejoin the highway at Al Taybah and follow it to Masafi, famous for its spring water and Friday market (which is actually open every day).

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There are no options for camping in Wadi Taybah, but plenty on the approach through the mountains.Jebel Shams For those mountain climbers and trekkers that haven’t heard about Jebel Shams – shame on you.But you’re forgiven as it’s the highest mountain in Oman rather than the UAE, standing at about 3,028m.That’s all the more reason to pitch up a tent along this huge landscape.While civilisation may be close by, that doesn’t mean you can forget about your survival instincts, as it’s still a harsh desert environment you’re camping in.Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai This one is for the beginner campers who still want the sight of Dubai’s skyline in the background to not feel too homesick.Although, once you see the lush greenery surrounding wherever you set up, the free-roaming (harmless) wildlife and beautifully quaint lakes, you’ll want to make this your new home instead.Follow the trail up to a village in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, turn right and rejoin the tarmac road – within a kilometre you’ll find the village of Al Hala.Here, you can enter Wadi Taybah and drive through to the village of Al Taybah.Not only are there local farms and camel pens spaced out all over the place and proper tracks to follow, but you’ll find tourists and other explorers taking four-wheel drive safaris or camel treks across the plain.It’s all because this part of the UAE is rich in Bedouin history, and shows off a glimpse of what it was like living in the desert back in the day.


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