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Their function is to allow smooth gliding between adjacent surfaces and to provide some buffer against injury.Inflammation of a bursa, or bursitis, usually results from trauma (particularly, repetitive trauma), overuse, or other types of direct injury.Tenosynovitis may result from direct trauma, repetitive-use injury, systemic inflammatory diseases, or infection.

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Direct palpation of an inflamed tendon often generates pain.

Pain may also be elicited by forced supination and flexion of the forearm against resistance.

Bursae can also become infected, usually with organisms (e.g., S. Tendons can be a source of pain typically related to such biomechanical causes as overuse or repetitive injury.

As is true for bursae, when tendinitis is the origin of pain, tenderness can usually be elicited by palpation and specific range-of-motion testing on physical examination.

Synonyms: Soft tissue rheumatism, overuse syndrome, bursitis; tendinitis, enthesitis.

ICD-9 Codes: Bursitis, 727.3; tendinitis, 726.9; enthesitis, 726.9.Ligaments attach one bone to another and thereby provide structural integrity to the skeleton.Injury to ligaments usually results from excessive force being applied.In many cases, injury secondary to repetitive overuse or trauma may cause inflammation and pain.However, some of these structures can become inflamed secondary to a systemic condition such as Sp A or gout. They are typically located between muscles or between muscle and bone and contain scant amounts of synovium-like fluid.ICD-10 Codes: bursitis M70; tendinitis M75/M76; enthesitis M77 (all with subheadings/specificities) Definition: The term nonarticular disorders refers to pain and dysfunction attributed to structures that surround and support joints.By their proximity, pain related to nonarticular structures are not uncommonly mistaken for arthritis.A number of tendons travel through a fibrous tube or sheath.Inflammation of the lining of this sheath is known as tenosynovitis.Pain originating in nonarticular structures is perhaps the most frequent musculoskeletal complaint seen in general practice.Nonarticular structures include the numerous bursae, tendons, and ligaments present throughout the body.


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