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Work Bloom features over 300 resume samples from professional resume writers.

Work Bloom features over 300 resume samples from professional resume writers.

While the information in resumes tends to be dry and business-like, the cover letter functions as the opposite; it is a chance for candidates to express themselves and give prospective employers some insight into their personality, accomplishments and drive.

This is where candidates impress recruiters with a ‘wow’ factor and reveal more about the energy they can bring to the new job.

I have a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree and experience working as an engineer for the army.

Through the years I have acquired the skills and training needed to fill this position.

It provides an opportunity to highlight unique selling points about your career and skillset that will catch the recruiter’s eye.

This is a line of thinking that qualifies the process of writing a cover letter as a branding opportunity.

The reality is that rival job seekers will often have the same qualifications listed on their resumes, placing greater importance on other ways of making an application stand out.

This means the cover latter can become an essential tool for job seekers who are looking to distinguish themselves from the rest of the field.

I have the ability and confidence needed to lead assignments and to get the job done right.

I have the knowledge and understanding to adhere to the strict codes set forth by the military and I am flexible enough to travel to different locations where and when needed.


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