Emirates Business Class A380 Seating Plan

Emirates Business Class A380 Seating Plan-76
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Because OP specifically mentioned they need an extra legroom seat. Hi everyone, I have been searching the web and Im finding contradictory information.

Unfortunately on EK these are either bassinet bulkheads or exit rows, and exit rows tend to have exits... I'm Platinum/Emerald QF on QF flight number but Emirates aircraft, flying solo Adelaide~Dubai in June on 777-300ER in Y :-(.

wow what a welcome you people give to new members on this site.

i don't 'KEEP booking seats with misaligned windows'.

Without going into too much detail, what are the other conditions apart from anxiety you have that mean you require extra legroom seats?

With some knowledge there may be alternative solutions proposed.Premium economy seats have arrived in recent years in carriers from Singapore Airlines to American Airlines as customers want more space and frills for a little extra, but aren’t willing to fork out for business class.Emirates is taking steps to combat the encroachment of competitors on its routes, including the introduction of new low-cost carriers.I'm Platinum/Emerald QF on QF flight number but Emirates aircraft, flying solo Adelaide~Dubai in June on 777-300ER in Y :-(.Is there someone out there who has detailed knowledge of the positioning of IFE boxes on these aircraft, plus any chronological differences? Basically the older IFE versions have the boxes while the newest ones don't.EK doesn't fly just one generation of aircraft to a certain city except for very specific circumstances (i.e.newest F to GVA), so it's pretty much impossible to predict.The first row on the 77W in Y which is row 17 is also extra legroom and does have a window, why not try that?I am asking a mod to merge the threads into one or into the seating guide thread.Hm I suspected that might be the case, however perhaps if you call and try again and indicate you accept that you may be moved in case of a bassinet is required they may accommodate you.Usually parents are seated in the center section, not at the window seats.


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