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And of course I am afraid that memories suppressed could come back with a fury, which is dangerous to all human beings, not only to those who directly were participants but to people everywhere, to the world, for everyone.So, therefore, those memories that are discarded, shamed, somehow they may come back in different ways, disguised, perhaps seeking another outlet. But information must be transformed into knowledge, knowledge into sensitivity, and sensitivity into commitment.I believe that the witnesses, especially the survivors, have the most important role.

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Without saying it to him, I thought I was the last of our line. The moment the war ended, I believed — we all did — that anyone who survived death must bear witness.

I believed — I hoped — that I would not survive him, not even for one day.

I remember, May 1944: I was 15-and-a-half, and I was thrown into a haunted universe where the story of the human adventure seemed to swing irrevocably between horror and malediction. For in my tradition, as a Jew, I believe that whatever we receive we must share.

I remember, I remember because I was there with my father. When we endure an experience, the experience cannot stay with me alone.

The horrors the boy experiences made him different.

“The student of the Talmud, the child that I was, had been consumed in the flames. A dark flame had entered into my soul and devoured it” (Wiesel 34).

The look in his eyes, as they stared into mine, has never left me” (Wiesel 109). This essay on Eliezer’s Lost Childhood and the Image in the Mirror was written and submitted by user Juniper Bender to help you with your own studies.

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I would like to point out that such ignorance can be explained by the fact that Seidman mostly supports word choice. (1995) says that “anyone who comes in contact with these horrors will be forever shaken in his present faith” (1).

She “neglects features of structure such as the inclusion of novelistic devices that shed light on Wiesel’s motives” (Flynn 2). According to the popular website (2005) the main hero “finally despairs of both God and humanity, yet juxtaposed against the atrocities is the story of his enduring relationship with his father” (1).


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