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Some of the questions are using 6-point Likert scale, as it is the best measurement scale to gain people’s response without anyone sitting on the fence (Faculty Senate Advancement of Teaching (AOT) Committee, 2004). Meanwhile, marriage means the legal relationship between a husband and wife. For instance, some families in Northern Uganda encourage their young girls to marry militia members in order to secure protection (UNICEF, 2001).

An interview also will be conducted as part of the research techniques. In short, early marriage means the legal relationship between a husband and wife at the beginning of their youth life. Prevalence of Young Marriage The practice of young marriage is most common in developing countries (United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 2001). Furthermore, as reported by Mathur in her report, they emphasized that gender roles is one of the main causes of the occurrence of early matrimony.

Most of the girls that are affected by the aforementioned situation will eventually have negative effects on their emotional well being.

An Indian research conducted in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh found that the spouses of early marriage usually suffered from great psychosocial damage (UNICEF, 2001).

For instance, Demographic Health Survey data collected from Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan had shown a clear link between marriage and withdrawal from school (UNICEF, 2001).

A girl will drop out from school, if a good marriage prospect arises (UNICEF, 2001).

In Eastern Africa for instance, a young wife has no rights to refuse sex to her husband even though her partner is suspected with HIV (UNICEF, 2001). For women, the body is particularly geared towards reproduction during early adulthood (Orsi, 2001). This can happen, as the body is unlikely to handle any great burden at later age like pregnancy (Orsi, 2001).

Early marriage is beneficial because desire and energy from young couples produce healthy offspring. Not surprisingly, later marriage, which is always, associated with cohabitation and premarital sex increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (Orsi, 2001). 3 Self-development Improvement Some experts claim that early marriage helps in cultivating maturity.

So, to counter the problems that all young people seem to have, which is sexual desire, early marriage is promoted. Although this is a good sign, however, the young Muslim will follow the wrong path by committing sins (Kermalli, Y G. Living in the non-Muslim society is really hard although for the true worshippers because of the different values and the needs of strong yet constant awareness (Judith K. This is important to ensure a successful marriage is established (Orsi, 2001).

As age increasing, gradually, one will get matured and it is well known that sexual desire take place after puberty. They further emphasized that early marriage is a natural institution to grow emotionally by everyday give and take at an early age. Also, through The London Telegraph, Emma Besbrode has reported that individuals that are unmarried by early age are more vulnerable to depression and loneliness (Orsi, 2001).


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