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Therefore, elementary education enables children to make friends who facilitate acquisition and development of vocabulary as children attend preschool.As children converse with their peers, they also learn how to make personal decisions, as well as choices.They become eager to pursue new tasks and challenges with the energy and firmness that children are known to possess.

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Usually, when children stay away from familiar faces, they tend to suffer for parting anxiety.

However, with time and as the children start to attend preschool, they interact with similar faces daily and regularly.

It shapes a person into an effective member of the society because the knowledge obtained at this level is like a form of wealth .

When children are in school, it gives mothers an opportunity to be away from their children thus, enabling the children to develop independence.

The period taken to complete this primary education differs from state to state, for instance in countries like Canada and the United States, elementary education goes for a period of six to seven years once children have begun schooling.

In spite of the fact that this education is compulsory, it can be offered at home by parents.In addition, when children receive recognition and encouragement from their teachers, it helps them to develop self confidence and set personal goals .Elementary schools provide children with safe environments to grow in, as well as equipping them with motivation and skills that enable them to handle individual circumstances.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.They are also able to participate and enjoy various activities and games with their friends.When in school, their listening ability develops, they also acquire the concept of sharing and turn taking.The benefits of this education cannot be underestimated and all efforts are directed at ensuring that this education gets universally recognized (Cohen & Malin, 2010).This essay discusses the importance of elementary education.Education can be considered to be the most vital asset that the society has because knowledge is the priceless wealth that people will never mislay under any circumstances, and the further the knowledge gets shared, the further it will advance.Therefore, elementary education forms the foundation for gaining basic knowledge without which the dream of children will become impossible.


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