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DNA contains the genetic information that allows all modern living things to function, grow and reproduce.

However, it is unclear how long in the 4-billion-year history of life DNA has performed this function, as it has been proposed that the earliest forms of life may have used RNA as their genetic material. Methods have been developed to purify DNA from organisms, such as phenol-chloroform extraction and manipulate it in the laboratory, such as restriction digests and the polymerase chain reaction.

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Composing DNA Essay should be ideally done in two stages.

Depending on the organism, most DNA is found within a single chromosome like bacteria, or in several chromosomes like most other living things.

(Heath, 110)(Grolier Encyclopedia, 1992) DNA does not act directly in the process of protein synthesis because it does not leave the nucleus, so a special ribonucleic acid is used as a messenger (m RNA).


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