Dissertation On Corporate Social Responsibility

For this reason, the author of the dissertation has conducted an online survey of a set of 27 questionnaires with three demographic questions about the gender, age, and educational level of the respondents. A total of 49 online users have attended the survey.From the findings of the survey, it can be analysed that, Turkish consumers are aware of corporate social responsibility of the companies.

Stakeholders have quite an influence on the process, but the main factor of success is the commitment of top management and the integration of CSR in corporate culture.

Quantitative results are more mitigated and it cannot be clearly said that CSR favours or not financial performance.

Though extensive research has been done in this area of business, there is lack of availability of study on corporate social responsibility and consumer perception in developing countries, especially in Turkey.

In this circumstance, this dissertation aims to find out the impact of CSR activities on the perception of consumers in Turkey.

Masters Thesis University of East London Royal Docks School of Business and Law Bierman, Anne Nicole 2018.

Examining United States Professional Women’s Volleyball Entities Use of Twitter for Social Media Marketing and Brand Development.

Consequently, companies started to think of how they could improve their image, even their way of doing business and started to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The purpose of this thesis is to understand why companies decide to engage in CSR and if CSR policies have impacts on firms’ financial performance.

More prospective is needed to be definite in the answer.

Uwe Holtschneider has recently published his doctoral dissertation on "Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility by Japanese Companies" as Vol.


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