Discrimination In America Today Essay

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This has sometimes led into the actual structural discrimination within public schools.

For example, Kohli has discussed the practice of tracking that has been utilized by some schools, which involves different students being placed on different educational paths over the years on the basis of the past academic performance.

In principle, the policy of affirmative action can be understood as a form of providing reparations to people from minority backgrounds due to their historical treatment within the United States. Affirmative action in education is premised on the idea that due to their historical marginalization within the United States, people from minority backgrounds, and especially Blacks, may have a sociologically less equitable chance of making it into colleges and proceeding to meet with success within society.

Therefore, quotas are established in order to offset this effect of historical discrimination and thus level the playing field.

For example, minority racial/ethnic populations within the United States disproportionately find themselves relying on state-provided welfare because they live in lower socioeconomic brackets; they also disproportionally tend to lack equitable access to social resources, such as healthcare (Richardson and Norris).

When this is translated to the context of education, students from minority populations—especially Blacks and Hispanics—often tend to struggle to achieve academic success.

To an extent, this issue may be propelled by a kind of dangerous symbiosis: on the one hand, Black students perhaps do misbehave more often, due to their negative expectations regarding the educational system; and perhaps teachers are also more sensitive to this misbehavior because they are essentially expecting it.

The onus, though, to break this cycle would clearly fall on the teacher; and the failure to do so would produce discrimination.

Again, the main issue here is not specifically that minority students feel that they are receiving a lower quality of education; rather, the issue is broader in scope and pertains to matters of respect and representation for minority students within the college campus setting.

It thus opens up to the broader sociological problems regarding race that have plagued the United States for centuries.


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