Determine Target Audience Essay

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And that goes for defining the target audience for your personal brand too.

In this chapter we’re going to take you through the steps you’ll need to follow to define the target audience for your personal brand.

The reason for this is for you to focus on what others want from you.

Once you know what that something is you can give it to that person and show that you have their best interests in mind.

(Boss, Investor, Client, etc.) In Chapter 1 you laid out a path to your ultimate career goal.

Determine Target Audience Essay High Fidelity Nick Hornby Essay

There are steps along the way to help you achieve that goal and along that path there will be people that will determine if and when you can take it to the next level. It could be a specific person that you have in mind or it could be the vision of a person.There are basically three people that fit into your personal brand’s target audience: The first person on the list, the one that pays you, is your main focus. It might be the target customer of your current business or your next business. After Chapter 1, you have your vision and you have a good idea of the person that will pay you and help you get to your goal.These next steps will take you through the necessary process of refining your target audience to make your brand implementation more effective.In my case, since I know blogging and email marketing, that offer would be reflected in the new blog and newsletter optin form I would set up, as well as the email sequence and blog posts that follow.All these things lead people to the product or service I was selling so I could attract buyers.The cliché in the world of relationships is: You Get What You Give. It’s natural and it’s okay, but if in order to have good things come to you, such as quality professional relationships, you need to give to the people that you want to connect with.We’re going to go through a step in this chapter where you will focus on the motivations of your target audience.(If you let your darts go without aiming them, you probably won’t be very popular.) If you hit the board, you score.And if your aim is very good and you hit the bull’s eye, even better!In life and in business, when you help others achieve their goals they’ll be more likely to help you achieve yours.You want something from your target audience, but in this chapter you’ll only get what you give.


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