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Of all the communication media available today, television, radio and books are the most important and effective ones.

These are also the most commonly used media in the world today and they are responsible for binding the world together.

There are different kinds of media in use today, namely comics, books, radio, television, film, theatre etc.

out of these, the most effective are the television, radio and books.

Unlike a TV, a radio cannot display an image or a video, and the communication is limited to voice only.

Typically, a radio is used for access information such as news and live traffic updates.

For example, protagonists are always smoking in the films and it seems that smoking is a good and smart habit.

It causes many younger people imitate them smoking.

Books are the witness of history and the main source from which we gain knowledge. Government and politically biased organisations often send negative and misleading news.

From a very ancient period till now, books have been working as the light-house for our society. Again young people watch different satellite channels and try to adopt the alien culture which is really harmful for the culture and tradition of a country.


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