Death Of A Salesman American Dream Essay

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Sadly, his over-zealous attempts serve only to reinforce Biff's sense of inadequacy and lack of identity.

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Using these as his benchmarks, Willy can never achieve the success he so desperately craves.

Through a series of flashbacks in the play, where we witness Willy's persistent efforts to make the American Dream a reality for himself and his family, Miller launches a scathing attack on the very notion of the dream.

Focus upon the ideas of success and failure within the American Dream in relation to Miller’s portrayal of Willy’s idolisation of Biff and the effect this has on Biff’s life.

The term ‘The American Dream’ by its very nature is an unrealistic phrase.

The other doubt cast on the American dream in Death of a Salesman is that the Loman men, despite their charm and good intentions, have not managed to succeed at all.

Miller demonstrates that the American dream leaves those who need a bit more community support, who cannot advocate for themselves as strongly, in the dust.

This myth exists in our society - how does the prevalence of this myth change the way in which we live our lives?

Miller had an uncertain relationship with the idea of the American dream.

The American Dream is closely tied up with the literary works of another author, Horatio Alger.

This author grew famous through his allegorical tales which were always based on the rags-to-riches model.


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