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Age of Terrorism - Terrorism topics look at Public Administration government in the “Age of Terror”.

Fourteenth Amendment - When ratified in 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was intended to provide equal protection to American citizens.

Eighteenth Amendment - Eighteenth Amendment term papers discuss prohibition and the government making alcohol illegal via the United States Constitution.

Classical Liberalism - Absolute freedom and rights for individuals.

Domino Effect Theory - At its most basic, the domino effect theory states that if one, often seemingly minor, event occurs, it will result in a series of chain events that has the potential to have disastrous consequences.

The Constitution - The authors of the Constitution sought not merely to safeguard the liberties for which Americans had fought and died, but to incorporate their intellectual inheritance, personal convictions, and regional agendas into law, based on theoretical foundations tried and true to civilizations before America.

Government Topics - A research paper on government topics should seek to answer major questions involving the American government.

Political Science research paper topics revolved around government, politics and the public offices that make our nation and others function.

Political science topics range from Presidential Politics to International Politics.

Right to Bear Arms - The second amendment’s right of the individual means just that: the intent was for any citizen to bear arms.

Search and Seizure - A search and seizure term paper may briefly cover the following issues: 1] the role that search and seizure currently plays in criminal investigations; 2] its foundations in English common law and the Fourth amendment of the US Constitution; 3] some aspects of search and seizure that are currently deemed problematic.


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