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Along comes in 1999 and sixteen episodes in, John and Aeryn have already jumped that hoop and are onto the next one. Sometimes there are gunfights, which Aeryn usually starts. What’s fun about John and Aeryn is that they are both epic-variety heroes, which means that they can have all that cake and eat an entirely different one too, baked for Tragedy and Big Decisions and Serious Longing.Because sleeping together does not a Happily Ever After make. They let a coin toss decide the fate of their relationship, John goes on drugs to forget how much he cares about Aeryn when they’re going through a rough patch, Aeryn dies and comes back to life, John dies and…John has seen aliens and other worlds and other realities, but all he wants is to spend his life with her. And all this drama occurs while John makes big speeches at bad guys and Aeryn stands next to him looking severe and holding a Big Damn Gun.

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Black happened to be reading the part opposite the men trying out for Crichton, and when Ben Browder came in, everybody sat up and took notice… For those who know next to nothing about the show, the crux of John and Aeryn’s tale is not too complex; he’s an astronaut from Earth who’s flung across the universe, where he meets a flight jockey named Aeryn Sun, member of an elite, galaxy-dominating military force known as the Peacekeepers.

The brief time she spends with him in the first episode has her dubbed “irreversibly contaminated” by her commanding officer, and she is forced to flee with the very escaped criminals who have cost her the only life she has ever known and everything she previously held dear.

It’s not just the mistaken idea that sex is the most important aspect of any loving relationship, but the idea that once something is consummated, the romance suddenly stops being romantic as it is overtaken by “boring comfortable/miserable couple” status. Now we will probably get married and have babies, and nothing else will ever come up that could make us intriguing as people ever again! Or they pointedly do not talk, but what is exciting is how their talking and/or not talking is.

Every form of media is guilty of this (with YA fiction now becoming a primary shareholder in its stock even if the sexy time is off-camera), but film and television are the worst for it. So many uncomfortable conversations, aborted looks, good old-fashioned angst and anger.

It’s boring, and the anticipation eventually becomes a bad game.

What’s the problem with allowing love to be a central tenant of your show anyway?How often is that the final play when romances are introduced to narratives?It’s what practically every romantic comedy is building up to—and how is that?The idea that romance destroys all motivation toward action is genuinely goofy—there’s a honeymoon period and you get over it. So viewers knew from the start that John and Aeryn were attracted to one another, that they were heading toward a far more complex entanglement.Sex was never treated as their endgame, and this is EXTREMELY eliminating the target responsible for eliciting the emotion.If you don’t think that’s just the cutest thing ever, I honestly don’t know what to do. And that was one of many reasons why few tales taking up science fiction’s hallowed halls have ever surpassed for making their central love story a primary driving force of the plot, not a sideshow to “more important” action.Which is not to say that there aren’t other couples in the SF pantheon that make me all wibbly.I’ll cop to being a sap; I love a good romance as much as I love good villains and snarky dialogue. It is essential to realize and remember that most of what this pair had going for them came down to ineffable, stupid luck.So this show, with its galactic machinations and colorful characters and exotic, dangerous technology became a backdrop to the Saga of John and Aeryn. There was no will-they-or-won’t-they drama for the show’s audience to agonize over either, something we can only hope more television will move away from in the future.He learned about the universe and she learned about herself. I would argue that for all of Chris Carter’s protests, the insistence on keeping up tension between his FBI agents on was something that practically ruined the series and many other strong shows besides.


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