Critical Thinking Math Games

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As you explain your moves, your kids will learn more advanced ways of approaching the game.

As your kids explain their moves to you, you get to understand how they are thinking, and maybe even learn a tactic you might not have thought of yourself! As you are deciding your next move, speak your thinking process out loud: “If I do this, and then you do that, then I think this will happen….

Math games can make learning more fun and engaging.

When children play games, they can apply their math skills to new and unique scenarios while building logic and critical thinking skills.

But if I do this, then you’ll do this other thing, and then this will be the result….” Use this technique to help your child consider what might happen beyond the move they are making now, to plan ahead, and create new strategies for successful game playing.

Because planning for outcomes is a huge part of thinking critically and solving problems!

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They also get a chance to practice math in a way that is fun and appeals to their interests.

Math Game Time’s free and fun math videos appeal to children at many different grade levels and with many different interests.


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