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This book is meant not only for young aspiring writers but also “performers, actors, and artists of every kind.”This book will make an inspiring gift and give great insight on how Anna persevered and built a successful career and reached her goals and dreams.

This creativity game for adults now has a version for kids that’s perfect for young writers.

When it comes to writing instruction, the buck stops here.

Writers need a reliable voice recorder during interviews to capture quotes and soundbites.

Book of the Month has delivered books to the doors of readers for more than 90 years, and offers a gift option.

A typewriter is a mechanical nostalgia, but when it comes to productivity, using one in today's world isn’t exactly practical.

Shaking off a difficult workday is harder than it sounds, and a book of writing prompts can help your friend track down their voice.

Whether they include personal reflection or creative challenges, sometimes a change of pace is the best cure.

Past classes have been taught by Aaron Sorkin, James Patterson, R. Whether the goal is to blast music or simply eliminate background chatter, noise-canceling headphones provide an effective barrier that promotes privacy and productivity.

Writer’s block is a dreaded (but common) professional hazard.


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