Creative Writing Basics

This article gives examples of three outline methods for writers to use.

The first outline method she discusses is called the “Structure-Plus” outline, which is the most traditional method.

Sometimes it’s easy to find story ideas and write freely. In any case, this issue provides 52 creative writing tips to help you get started writing.

It’s recommended that you choose one day per week and spend 30 minutes on each prompt.

If you'd like to try your hand at creative writing, just keep in mind that whether you are trying to express a feeling or a thought, the first step is to use your imagination.

Types of creative writing include: As you can see, some nonfiction types of writing can also be considered creative writing.

In poetry and songs, literary devices, like similes and metaphors, can be used to take the readers to surprising places.

A good example of this is the opening of the poem 'A Life' by Sylvia Plath: 'Touch it: it won't shrink like an eyeball, This egg-shaped bailiwick, clear as a tear.

A news article, for example, cannot be considered creative writing because its main goal is to present facts and not to express the feelings of the writer.

While a news article can be entertaining, its main purpose is to present the facts.


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