Creative Writing Assignments For 5th Grade

I also do a lot of conferences during this time, but mostly lean-in conferences because I want the students writing and trying out the new strategies.

The mini-lessons during this time frame are very specific to the students’ writing.

During my first year teaching I did a terrible, horrible, rotten job at teaching writing.

My students (3rd graders at the time) were not assessed on writing, and I really didn’t know how to teach writing at that point in my career (especially since my students seriously struggled with all things literacy when they came to me).

We do this by reading mentor texts and making charts about what we notice the author does well. You can read more about how I come up with writing mini-lessons (and the three types of mini-lessons) by clicking here.

During these two weeks, the students are writing their first essays in this genre, but it is very guided.

However, I typically only pull the students who are seriously struggling at this point in instruction.

At this point in our pacing, I have taught a lot of writing craft skills, and the students have several essays, applying what they have learned (usually 3-5 essays by this point).

While all of the writing prompts are easy to incorporate independently, some of the prompts can be used in collaboration with a story or novel that you are reading in class. If you could create your very own monster, what would it look like?

Write a poem about your favorite part of Halloween, telling why it is special to you.ything there is to know about your monster. Start from the minute he or she puts on his or her costume and finish when he or she gets home and put on normal clothes again.


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