Controversial Issues Essays

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Others feel that the woman should be able to choose up until the time the fetus is born.

Religious believers feel that being homosexual is a sin and should not be allowed.

One question that Ernest Gaines asked was “Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? How is it that it is okay for two men to hold guns but they those very men cannot be seen in public holding hands because some people feel that it is wrong? abortions and named the people connected with them - including, if the woman was unwed, the man ...

No matter what religion you are the bible in a very important piece of history in this society. Professor of law at the University of Colorado, Paul Campos said, “Whether or not abortion should be legal turns on the answer to the question of whether and at what point a fetus is a person.

Things like abortion and homosexuality are frowned upon because of the way the bible is interpreted. This is a question that cannot be answered logically or empirically.


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