Conflict Management Case Study Analysis

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Hey Ken, why does your friend have to stay here all the time?

Hey Ken, can we talk about your friend spending nights here and how it's affecting me?

Johnny should not tell Ken what to do when trying to resolve a conflict without out offering a compromise. Instead he should try to be considerate of the Ken's feelings and viewpoint, and work into a solution with him. Johnny has offered something even though it was not the issue, but rather a gesture.

Notice that Ken has taken the lead and made the first step, and Johnny is quick to acknowledge the gesture and offered something even if he did not consider it part of the issue.

They influence team-work and affect research outputs.

Original Thesis Writing - Conflict Management Case Study Analysis

While management would like to resolve such conflicts, they are often difficult to resolve.

Johnny, though his body language, voice, and eye contact should pay attention to what Ken is saying, and give positive reinforcement to any helpful gesture he makes.

The second option is not bad even though we could interpret it as offering an alternative. "Well Johnny, maybe I can ask my friend to not come over before your classes on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays." "That’s great Ken, and I can end video games by midnight on Wednesdays and play somewhere else on Friday nights." Here they have both built in a compromise.

If Johnny is vague, or doesn't provide good examples or reasons, it is harder for Ken to understand him.

Both may then become defensive, and stop listening to each other.


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