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A construct drawn from Buddhist psychology, self-compassion refers to a way of relating to the self — with kindness.It is not to be confused with arrogance or conceit, which usually indicates a of self-love.

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And thinking about others' feelings and giving others breaks are key skills for developing solid relationships.” When we have self-compassion, we are less likely to depend on others to validate our self-worth.

Psychologist Carla Marie Manly believes self-compassion is a necessary ingredient for a healthy relationship: “If an individual is geared toward neglecting the self while doting on others, this uneven balance will eventually take its toll.

“Although many adults do not have compassion for themselves," she says, "they are often able to recognize that a child with a bee sting or hurt knee wants/needs to be hugged or held. When we find ourselves caught in a barrage of self-criticism, it is often because we have gotten swept away in our negative storylines — usually ones that often play on repeat in our heads: and so on.

Much progress can be made by giving the self the very compassion that one might give to a child.” You can also think of the way you would treat a good friend, or even a beloved pet, and then begin treating yourself accordingly. This process of over-identification, giving in to our internal critic, is usually accompanied by its counterpart, negative rumination.

When you have self-compassion, you understand that your worth is unconditional. Over the last decade or so, research has consistently shown a positive correlation between self-compassion and psychological well-being.

People who have self-compassion also have greater social connectedness, emotional intelligence, happiness, and overall life satisfaction.When a person has true compassion for the self, that compassion then supports healthy, balanced relationships.” Following are 5 ways to begin practicing self-compassion and stop being so hard on yourself: 1. Manly suggests considering what a child might want or need in a hurtful situation.That child could be your own, or you could imagine as a child.They guy showed very good compassion by caring for someone in need he didn’t even know because he felt sorrow, pity, and sympathy.In a story I’ve read, Jimmy Valentine is a criminal that breaks into safes, and steals money. Jimmy Valentine was leaving the town he was staying in and came upon a big worried crowd, he soon found out there was a little girl, Agatha stuck into the biggest safe in town.If we lose our sense of self-worth during these challenges of life, we will have a hard time recovering.Ru Paul People who lack self-compassion often exhibit a pattern of unhealthy relationships.Self-compassion or self-love may be a foreign concept for some people.This is especially true for those who were raised in abusive or unloving homes, where compassion may have been non-existent.It wrote; ‘Compassion is a feeling of sympathy for someone who is in a bad situation because you understand and feel bad for them’.A story I’ve read, ‘The Good Samaritan’ illustrates compassion really good by when a guy gets beaten and robbed, he is left on the side of the road and after two people walk by without even acknowledging the guy who was beaten, another guy comes along and takes the one in need in and helps his cuts, bruises, and pays for shelter until not needed anymore.


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