Compare And Contrast Essay On Aztecs And Incas

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It put the issue of slavery into the hands of voters in each new territory. It provided protections for enslaved people who were brought to free states. It ruled that African Americans could not be considered citizens of the U. The Republican Party was formed in 1854 as a response to what?

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the Mayans stayed moreso on the Yucatan Peninsula, the south western portion of Mexico that juts out into the Gulf of Mexico.

The Aztecs began over Lake Texcoco, but with military expansion, pushed out into much of central and southern Mexico.

What was a problem antebellum education reformers were trying to solve? School days were long and interfered with agriculture work.

Free public schools were outlawed and unconstitutional.

Both used stone weapons and tools for fighting or crafting.

Both also used irrigation systems to sustain their agriculture.

Both empires are ruled by a tight and centralized society with an emperor.

These two empires are also pretty different in terms of politics and economy.


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