Coleman Mach Thermostat Problem Solving

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This may work in more moderate environments, but here in south Louisiana it would kill even more cooling capability that we cannot afford in extreme conditions such as where we live.

The Mach 8 needs all the help it can get moving heat out off of those evaporator coils in this extreme humidity.

The blower outside is so loud that with two Mach 8 AC units running, you could hear our camper over top of every other camper within about 100 ft. This is undoubtedly because they had to use smaller fans at a higher RPM to evacuate heat up away from the coils in the smaller space inside the Mach 8.

The Mach 15 uses a larger fan that runs at a lower RPM yet because of the fan size and larger coils it moves more air and removes more heat.

Also, reducing that blower fan noise outside won't help the jarring noise and vibration of the angle mounted compressor in the Mach 8.

Air Xcel says the Mach 15 is specifically designed for high demand and high humidity environments.My wife actually had to get up in the night to go check it because she thought it wasn't running. I also wanted to note that there is a potentially huge loss of cooling power with the original install as Dynamax saw fit to just throw the gigantic control module box right down into the intake area of the 14" x 14" AC hole in the ceiling which consequently disrupts airflow significantly and blocks I would estimate about 30% or more of the airflow into the AC unit.The solution is to move the control box up into the AC unit and screw it down.God Bless, David & Cathy 2015 Trilogy 38FL 2016 Silverado 3500HD DRW Trailersaver TS-3 Hitch on B&W Platform For those that are saying their ac unit is loud, have you replaced the fan blade with the 3 blade fan?Ours originally had 5 or 6 blades and I did a search and learned that if you replace those with the 3 blade fan it is much quieter. Dynamax didn't offer a pre-plumbed location for a third AC in the bunkhouse model until the 2015 model. At 42.5 feet, two ACs on the 37BH model is definitely the bare minimum required to adequately cool the trailer.It would seem the Coleman warranty would be longer than one year on the compressor. In one, the fan (squirrel cage) threw some blades out and sounded like an explosion.How is the weight of the Mach 15 compared to the Mach 8? The other had a cooling fan inside the unit on the roof come apart and caused minor damage, but locked up the unit. John __________________ 2014 Dynamax Trilogy 3850RL - South Hampton Interior, Full Body Paint (Black / Silver / White), MOR/ryde Independent Suspension, MOR/ryde Disc Brakes, ONAN 5500 Generator, Progressive Industries HW50C w/Dual Display, Winegard HD Dish w/Direc TV, Washer & Dryer, i Springs 7-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, Trail-Air Flex Air Pin Box, Third AC installed, AC Voltage/Amp Meters, DC Amp Meter, Garnett See Level Tank Sensors, TST 507 TPMS Retired USAF - Full Timers!I believe this is the source of a huge loss in cooling in the Trilogy models.I am including a photo of the control box in the intake for reference.Of course I am no mechanical engineer, but that seems to be what is happening.Then there is the blower noise which is heard inside and outside on the Mach 8 units.


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