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Track Progress with Writing (or Subject) Folders At our high school, we make a writing folder for each English student when he or she enters the school as a freshman.

We file any significant writing assignment —essays, projects — in these folders and file them in a cabinet.

At the end of senior year, the student receives the folder and can see the progress he or she made during their tenure at high school.

This method can apply to all grade levels and subject matter.

In addition, once you write your rubric you can use it for all future evaluations.

Save hours of lesson preparation time with the Entire Busy Teacher Library.This is also great for times when parents want to see progress or work output, or if you make a mistake in recording grades in an electronic grade book.For elementary students, this can make for a great portfolio to show parents at Open House, or a reference when evaluating students at report card time.The clearer your expectations are and the more feedback you give your students, the more successful your students will be.If you use a rubric in your essay grading, you can communicate those standards as well as make your grading more objective with more practical suggestions for your students.At the elementary level, consider a homework tray for each table, for different subjects, or for different assignments to make grading easier.Create a No Name Folder When work is turned in without a name attached, I used to put it on my board with a magnet.You may even choose to make a copy of the rubric for each paper and circle where the student lands for each criterion.That way, each person knows where he needs to focus his attention to improve his grade.At the beginning of the next year, we hold a folder swap.This is where students visit their last year’s English teacher, pick up the writing folder, and take it to the current English teacher, who adds that year’s significant writing assignments.


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