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You can also use the author’s last name in your text to serve as a signal that you are going to provide a citation.

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Parenthetical citation, also known as in-text citation, is an easy way to create citations within your document, allowing your reader to see where you found the information without looking at the bottom of the page or the end of the document for a footnote or endnote.

Although footnotes were once the go-to way to cite information, parenthetical citation has become increasingly more popular, and is the go-to citation format for MLA format.

This guide will cover parenthetical citations for both MLA and APA.

MLA uses the author-page form of parenthetical citation.

If the title is a short work, like an article or a single web page, you would place it in quotation marks, but if the title is a longer work, like a website or book, you would place it in italics.

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Examples: (, (“German Shepherds”) -For videos, movies, podcasts, and other timed forms of media, while there is no page number available, you can pinpoint the time, so you include that time as part of your reference. -Authors with the same last name are differentiated in in-text citations by the addition of the first initial. Smith 15) -For multiple authors, how you cite them depends on the number of authors.Instead, you use the act, the scene, and the line numbers. District Judge granted Irving and Irving ISD’s motions to dismiss the Mohamed family’s lawsuit, saying there was no evidence Ahmed faced religious or racial discrimination” (Takahashi).For Shakespeare’s works, you can abbreviate the play names. You Tube Video: Late name, First name of the creator. Indirect citation: Popular You Tube personality Jack Septic Eye opens up his video with a consistent phrase and a recap of what happened on his last episode (“We Won the Game”).Example: (Smith 15; Jones 14; Perez 345) The easiest way to see how parenthetical citation works is to see examples. Translated or Edited Books with Authors: Translated or edited books can become a little challenging in your works cited. However, there may be a reason that you want to focus on the translator or editor. Or: Rabassa’s unique word often serves to make the story more vivid, like when he describes the “disorderly crunch” of a girl’s bones (Rabassa 33). Article from an Online Periodical (Magazine or Non-Scholarly Journal): Last, First. Those examples would look like: Lear, Norman, producer. Hopefully, this guide on how to add parenthetical citations in MLA format to your essay, along with these examples, have shown you how easy it is to use parenthetical citations in your MLA research papers.We have designed our tutorials to work together, and this tutorial works well with our works cited tutorial, which gives you a step-by-step process for building works cited pages in MLA format. In those instances, you will focus on the translator or editor first, but indicate that they are not the author. It also involves a republication, which is why it has two dates. Basic MLA website citation format: Author Last, Author First. Title of Website, Other contributors, Version or Edition, Volume, Number, Publisher, Publication Date, Pages or Paragraphs, URL or doi, Accessed Day Month Year. “50 Actual Facts About Rape.” , 8 December 2014, . Because it turns out that a whole lot of people know less than nothing about the subject” (Chemaly). While we have covered the most commonly asked questions about parenthetical citations in this tutorial, if you have additional questions, we are happy to help.23 green textbook by Steve B.” You start to sweat a little. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, take a deep breath and stop panicking. I’m going to help you learn how to write APA citations (and reference list entries! Before you learn how to write APA citations, it helps to understand what the APA is. Maybe you’re a still a psychology student, or maybe you’re a biology major taking psychology as an elective, or maybe you’re majoring in something like math and your professor just really digs APA style.The acronym “APA” stands for the American Psychological Association, a US-based scientific and professional organization for psychologists. Even though the APA is an organization for psychologists, its citation style is used by professionals and students in a variety of disciplines, including those in the fields of sociology, business, economics, nursing, business, and others. An APA citation has two parts: The purpose of the in-text citation is to point your readers toward the reference list, where they can see the full list of sources you paraphrased or quoted.You can shorten the name of the work; it just needs to be enough to differentiate it from the other works by the same author in your works cited list.Example: (Butcher, 43) -If you are citing from a multi-volume work, include the volume before the page number in your citation. -If you are citing to a play, you do not use the page number.Seeking and consuming information can be addictive, you know. At the bottom of your assignment sheet, in bold print, your professor has written, “Please include appropriate APA citations.”You glance nervously at the MLA-style Works Cited you’ve started.Or, worse yet, at your list of raw URLs and notes like “p.


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