Cause And Effect Essay On Bullying

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Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to improve the situation by understanding bullying and suggesting possible solutions.

Bullying and its Effects on People Bullying is when people use their strength or power of some kind to hurt weaker people.

Many children have to study hard until late in the evening, and they go to cram schools, because their parents have high expectations of them, hoping they get good grades or pass entrance examinations (Tsuchiya, 2001, pp. So if students do not have enough time to rest or sleep, they have stress. by comparison it was found that 98% of families have a TV, and many have more than one. Cultural factors and individual differences combine to produce various kinds of behavior.

They may take this stress out on their friends or other students by shouting or bullying. One scenario in Japan is when stress and pressure to conform to groups leads young people with poor social skills to bully those who seem different.

But mobile phones are so important to children that they tend to keep them switched on all the time.

So if a child is harassed by mobile phone calls, it can seem like there is no escape.

Some Causes of Bullying Children have various needs, such as to be able to relax enough, play with friends, and sleep soundly. When children are not studying, instead of playing outside with friends, they often play virtual reality games. Sometimes kids cannot distinguish reality from the virtual.

The frustration of their needs may cause some children to bully others. They watch TV or play such games 3-4 hours a day (Tsuchiya, 2001, pp. They may try to hit and kick other kids as in virtual reality games.

Others may be worried about disappointing friends or family members. So if teachers and parents communicate with children, they may be able to protect them from bullying or its ill effects.

Yet others may feel unwanted, unloved, victimized, or as if they are a burden on others (Oki, 1998, pp. Teachers and parents should take the initiative and communicate with all of their children to sound them out about any problems they may have.


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