Cause And Effect Essay For High School Dropouts

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Study also has some policy implications for policy makers to combat this problem, such as free education program, curriculum adjustment, teachers training workshops, provision of all facilities in schools.

In the global perspective, it is an incontestable fact that the progress of a nation is highly dependent on the education of their citizens.

Approximately 50% of enrolled children drop out before completing primary education.

In 1977 study shown that 79% of dropouts are from low-income families [9].

In this regard, a UNESCO report (2000) on the state of the world’s children, points out, that about one thirty million children in the developing world denied their right to education through Dropping out.

In China dropout rate in rural schools is about 40 percent and the reason of dropout is that students are unhappy with their studies [1].At university level dropout rate is not different from secondary and higher secondary level.ASA University of Bangladesh start working in 2007 and number of enrolled students was larger than other private universities of Bangladesh.Financial problems, parents’ unwillingness, distance and lack of basic facilities, bad quality of the education, inadequate school environment and building, overloaded class rooms, improper languages of teaching, carelessness of teachers and security problem in girls school are found as major causes of student dropouts in different countries.This study also find outs the effects of students dropouts on economy and suggest some remedial measures to reduce students’ dropouts.In Asia situation is not different from other developing countries.A study in India researcher found the reasons of students’ school dropouts, In India due to financial problems and expenses dropout rate is high.Researchers argue on conducting research on a larger scale to find out the causes of dropout and their effect on economic conditions [12].Following are the research questions extracted for this study, • What are the causes of student dropouts?Another reason of students’ dropouts is that some parents are not interested in education for their children.Dropout rate in Bangladesh is also high as in other developing countries. Com the year 2005 to 2006, 1.7 million students were enrolled in secondary education level but about 0.7 million students’ dropout without completing their secondary education and higher secondary education examination in 2007.


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