Business As Level Coursework

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Another Advantage of Secondary Research is that it is less time consuming.

As you are not responsible for physically going out and gathering the research.

They have a range of various food options including different flavour fresh popcorn, Crepes, Nachos, corn etc.

They also offer ice Creams, sweets and a range of beverages. The d�cor is neat and tidy and there is lots of promotion of new releases.

Its central location makes it an ideal place to live for accessibility for work and leisure.

My idea My idea is that a cinema should be opened up in Bur Dubai. Middle Also the seats are extremely close together and very uncomfortable.But a disadvantage for Secondary Research is that you cannot guarantee that is up to date information.It may have been collected some time ago and with the fast pace changes in society it may be completely irrelevant.I have decided on these seven person specifications because a lot of them, such as being friendly, have good customer service skills, be able to follow instructions and having basic mathematical skills are obvious skills necessary when working customers in the shop.I think it is important to put some sort of threshold to entry on qualifications because it will help me with the short listing process.It is important to have basic literature skills so that the employee is able to understand anything he comes across. Middle This is used by the last two application forms on the table and I think it would be useful to have because it will save the candidate repeating information and will save him time.Also the present or previous employer would be able to tell Warwick University about what the character is really like and how he works which will help them in their selection process.It is also heavily promoted outside with leaflets and flyers.Types of Research Primary Research This is the collection of data that is collated by the researcher. Conclusion Firstly, it is fairly easy to access especially through the technological advances of the internet.This is used in 2 of the three application forms and I have decided to include it because if they do require a work permit then they may have to have extra paperwork to be filled in by the business.The last extra feature I have decided to use is asking the candidate how many days they would be able to work in the week.


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