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It is Mac Caig’s successful use of imagery that makes the poem alive.

It is Mac Caig’s successful use of imagery that makes the poem alive.“Brooklyn Cop” written by Scottish poet Norman Mc Caig.

It provides an image suggesting more brawn than brains.

Next, the poet uses a metaphor to describe the cop’s eyes.

The reader is given a feeling of sadness because everyday he is in danger and his tragic death could affect the rest of his family.

The last verse consists of only two lines and finishes with a question and asks the reader if they would consider enrolling in his line of work.

I think this poem is very effective and shows how the cop deals with his work and his home life.

Firstly, in the verse one Mac Caig begins with a simile.

Also, concluding verse one is a phrase in which Mac Caig shows that the cop has a different side to him when he is at home around the people he loves and cares for and when he is on his line of duty.

Evidently, this gives us an insight into the cop’s home life.

Furthermore Mac Caig describes the violent behaviour out on the streets of Brooklyn.

“Thin tissue over violence” Clearly this metaphor shows that there is a very fragile layer between safety and crime in the streets and that it lurks just below the surface.


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