Bachelor Thesis 3d Printing

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Initial property development has shown that it is possible to produce high density builds with strengths equivalent to wrought GRCop-42 and a conductivity greater than GRCop-84.

The GRCop-42 has completed process development and initial properties have been established.

The two main extensions of 3D printing enabled by the 3D scanning system are printing on auxiliary objects and corrective printing.

Printing on auxiliary objects is accomplished by scanning an auxiliary object, then positioning the printer to print directly onto the object.

more Open source 3d printing technology opens the door for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as freelancers to take on industry challenges so far reserved for large companies.

Production on demand is economically viable thanks to this system, and in the furniture industry, it greatly reduces the environmental impact of production.Significant development was completed on the GRCop-84 and GRCop-42 alloys in the extruded wrought form demonstrating feasibility for combustion chambers.NASA has recently developed a process for additive manufacturing, specifically Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) or Selective Laser Melting (SLM), of GRCop-42 to establish parameters, characterize the material, and complete testing of components with complex internal features.In contrast to previous studies focusing only on key geometric feature predictions, the neural network model was employed to demonstrate its capability of predicting complete track profiles at both normal and off-normal spray angles, resulting in a mean absolute error of 8.3%.We also compared the track profile modelling results against the previously proposed Gaussian model and showed that the neural network model provided comparable predictive accuracy, even outperforming in the predictions at cold spray profile edges.I augmented a 3D printer with software for a 3D scanning system in order to incorporate feedback into the printing process.After calibration of the scanning system and the printer, the 3D scanning system is capable of taking depth maps of the printing platform.Corrective printing is using the scanner during the printing process to correct any errors mid-print.يعتبر التصميم الباراميتريParametric design أحد الموضوعات البحثية التي توفر بناء التواصل بين التصميم والإنتاج ونحن هنا بصدد استخدام التصميم البارامتري كأحد نواتج التكنولوجيا الرقمية في تطوير منظومة تصميم الخزف المعماري عبر الاستفادة من...This alloy is part of the family of NASA-developed GRCop,...more GRCop-42 is a high conductivity, high-strength dispersion strengthened copper-alloy for use in high heat flux applications such as liquid rocket engine combustion devices.


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