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Other important characters are those individuals who have existed as major players in that person's life.

Since a biography chronicles the events of the subject's life, or a portion of that life, the setting may change throughout the course of the book.

Because the project is an autobiographical research paper rather than a standard research paper, much of this paper will discuss events and experiences that happened directly to the student, and recount those events from the point-of-view of the student.

In other words, the autobiographical research paper will use the first-person voice ("I" and "me").

Research is used only to support the author's opinions or clarify his/her experience.

For example, an autobiographical research paper may be about a student's experience with discrimination.A biography book report requires analysis of not only the author and the person who is the focus of the book, but also literary elements such as setting, characters, tone, symbolism, etc.In a biography book report, the main character is obvious; it's the individual about whom the biography has been completed.In college, biography book reports might be on such readings as Mein Kampf or Stalin: The Glasnost Revelations. However, even though the writing and interpretation of the material that a college student presents in his/her biography book report are expected to be far more mature than that which was expected in elementary or even high school, the basics of how to write a biography book report haven't changed much at all.t some point in his/her college career, a student will likely be required to complete an autobiographical essay.In fact, most college admissions applications require the prospective student to complete an autobiographical essay (otherwise known as a "personal statement"). We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.n autobiographical research paper is a text that blends the writer's own experience with scholarly research in order to present an idea, point, or argument about a particular topic.Students often find writing autobiographical essays difficult for multiple reasons.First, many learners have a hard time talking about themselves.An autobiographical research paper is very different from a standard project that seeks to present a claim about a specific topic through the use of external sources.In an autobiographical research paper, the majority of the text deals with the writer's own experience.


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