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He was instrumental in establishing the CRCS publishing house, which made works by accomplished European astrologers, such as Alexander Ruperti, available in English translation. Pertinent webpage at , Dr. Son of prominent German astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin, and student of Alfred Witte's methods.(not associated with CCRS or Wiccan churches using that name). Ebertin conveyed certain components of Witte's teachings, particularly the extensive use of midpoints, while rejecting others, as he earnestly sought the approval of the contemporary scientific establishment.In that organization, he initiated some of the first systematic research projects in modern astrology. He teamed up with a number of skilled German astrologers and developed what has generally been called Cosmobiology.

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His publications include the remarkable Underworld in Myth and Antiquity: Amplifying Pluto, one of a series of texts published for the Astro-Synthesis education program at the Chiron Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Starting in 1974, Ms Custer coordinated and published one of the most popular pre-internet-era astrologers' information exchange forums called the Mercury Hour, which developed a broad international circulation. In the 1950s, the exhaustive systematic research of Gauquelin and his wife, Franoise, rattled the chains of the most reactionary of conservative scientists around the world as they put their statistical proof of astrological influence into print. May.16 at 03h35 EDT [4h W] in Astoria, New York, 40n46 x 73w55 (AS 05AR37) per his website. Oct.09 at 22h39m12s EST [5h W] in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania (AS 16CE17) per the Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology, which Jayne, himself, edited.

Pertinent website at, B. Organized efforts to debunk the Gauquelin research were made; yet the arguments of critics were later often proven to be based on faulty or even deliberately fudged data. Jeff was a co-founder of AFAN, UAC and the informative Star IQ website at, where you can find a current comprehensive directory of practicing English-language astrologers. Jayne supported research and the integration of astrology with science, and to this end published journals In Search and the Cosmecology Bulletin and founded the Association for Research in Cosmecology; his interests were not restricted to traditional astrology, evidenced by his studies on the Vertex and prenatal charts, and his booklet entitled The Unknown Planets, which included information on the Transneptunians of Witte & Sieggrn.

She became editor of what is now called the Cosmobiology International Journal. Her text Traditional Medical Astrology fuses in her academic background in botany, and her other books include those on classical astrology topics, asteroids, and horary astrology.

Other texts by Ms Kimmel include Fundamentals of Cosmobiology and Patterns of Destiny., Dr. March.10 at 18h08 MET [1h E] in Bremen, Germany, 53n05 x 08e49 (AS 18VI24) from the Taeger Archives via personal statement from Dr Landscheidt. Professor at Kepler College in Seattle.: Pioneer in studying the four major asteroids and Chiron, and author of one of the first interpretation books, Planets and Asteroids, which serves as a good interpretive text even when the asteroids are excluded.

Pioneers in their fields, they have played crucial roles in the research, dissemination, and development of effective programming.

As members of the Professional Advisory Board, they bring their substantial combined expertise to bear on the mission of the National Autism Center.

Skillful and prominent New York astrologer who, brought to trial in 1914 for "fortune telling", led to astrology being removed from the list of illegal practices in New York City due to the accuracy of her interpretations in the courtroom. His books have brought us deeper insights into the nature of the individual planetary energies and planetary cycles. Her special interests included research and asteroids.

Her classic reference text was Astrology for Everyone. Titles include Astrology, Karma & Transformation and Relationships and Life Cycles. Her articles on psychological astrology are particularly insightful, and the outstanding website associated with her work can be found at : One of the pioneers in research on the four major asteroids, Ms Donath wrote Asteroids in the Birth Chart, Asteroids in Synastry, Asteroids in the U. A., and two books which also include interpretive material for Transneptunians: Asteroids in Midpoints and Patterns of Professions. Feb.16 at 04h40 MET [1h E] in Grlitz, Germany, 51n09 x 14e59 (AS 02CP39) per Taeger Archives.

Actively involved in the Theosophical Society, Leo combined spiritual and mundane components of astrology and popularized it significantly, publishing what were standard references in the early 20th century, such as How to Judge a Nativity, and Modern Astrology.

Pertinent webpage at Born 1902. Jun.08 at 08h35 EST [5h W] in Albany, New York, 42n39 x 73w45 (AS 10LE32) per his book Astrology for the Millions: Lewi taught English at Dartmouth, and at the Universities of North Dakota and Delaware, and was editor of Horoscope Magazine.


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