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Moral rights were previously unknown under Irish law, but are a common feature in other European systems.

They have been introduced in Ireland as a result of European Directives aimed at harmonising copyright law throughout the European Union in the Copyright & Related Rights Act, 2000.

These include the use of the work in examinations, and the inclusion of a short passage from the work in an anthology for schools.

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Libraries and archives are given limited rights to copy works under certain conditions.

Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, styles, techniques or information.

For example, if you write an outline of your idea for a TV show, the outline itself will be protected by copyright.

A work is protected automatically from the time it is first written down or recorded in some way, provided that it has resulted from the creator’s skill and effort and is not simply copied from another work.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be difficult for an author to prove that he or she had created a work at a specific point in time.


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