Argumentative Essay On Social Networking Privacy

As a result, these people become so attached to the social media allowing it to have control over their lives.

Some can even suffer from “withdrawal” in case they feel that they are being cut from using social media.

It therefore means that whereas most people tend to think of addiction as that which have crack heads or the alcoholics, these are only common types of addiction which are as a result of unusual things which can also be in the case of social media.

The fact that individuals seem to have great length especially in doing whatever it takes, just to make sure that they are able to use social media, makes it to be addictive.

In such a case, he argues that, many of the affected people would obviously resort to the addiction language in describing their predicament.

In this perspective, what is seen as social media addiction is not the case.

Thesis statement Yes, social media is addictive because of the manner it forms behavioral characters among individual that affect their lives. In today’s technological world, a lot of people, both young and old, have embraced the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and My Space among others in order to connect with each other.

This way, they can protect their personal lives as well as health conditions from being affected by the negative impacts of social media.

It is also established that behavioral addiction such as social networking addiction incorporates the experience of mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and emotional symptoms which control the addicted individuals (Patrick and Romer, 351).

The results made it clear that the psychological desire of wanting to use social media that had created the feeling among the students that went beyond their voluntary control was a sign of the manner in which social media has become addictive especially to teens.


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