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Many AP teachers have posted complete study guides, review sheets, and test questions.Be careful when accessing these, as many will be from previous versions of the exam.

Though the course content remains largely the same, it is now more focused towards clear learning objectives for the exam.

It is also now limited in its scope to 19 concepts falling under the aforementioned five themes. Starting with the 2016 test, there are now fewer long essays and multiple-choice questions, and short-answer questions were added for the first time.

Almost one-third of all test-takers received a score of 3, contributing greatly to the exam’s pass rate.

Another third of students received a score of 2, while 12.2% of test-takers scored a 1 on the exam.

In this class, you will develop your ability to analyze historical data, assess historical evidence, analyze significant issues in European history, and understand historical sources, images, graphs, and maps.

The course content focuses on events from 1450 to present and provides five themes for framing connections over time and between places.The themes are interaction of Europe and the world, poverty and prosperity, objective knowledge and subjective visions, states and other institutions of power, and individual and society.Although some of the theory in terms of how you study the past is the same as the World History AP exam, the European History AP exam is far more specific in its content.Section 2(a) is a document-based question spanning 55 minutes (including 15 minutes of reading time) and accounting for 25% of your score. History AP or World History AP exams will benefit from knowing that the exam format and scoring rubric are exactly the same.The last section, 2(b), gives two choices of long-essay prompts, from which students must choose one and complete it in 35 minutes accounting for 15% of their score. The European History AP exam is a tough one to master, though many students do well enough to pass (typically a score of 3 or higher).Because it covers a much smaller geographical area and time period, the knowledge required by students is much more detail-oriented than that required for World History.In 2015, the European History AP course was redesigned.Your best bet may be to use those provided in one of the many up-to-date commercial study guides.Alternatively, there is one older version of a The European History AP Exam tests your knowledge of significant events, individuals, developments, and processes in European history in four historical periods from 1450 to present.Remember, the content is largely the same on this year’s test, but the test will be formatted differently than it was in the past.As such, outdated exams may still have some use in testing your knowledge of content, but be sure to familiarize yourself with the updated format of the new exam.


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