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The fact that the embryos of these two very distinct species share a feature points to an undergirding evolutionary kinship between the two species.

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By studying the location of marsupial fossils and the current distribution of marsupials, which are limited exclusively to Australia, scientists are able to uphold the theory of continental drift, which states that the continents have drifted to become what they are now from a super-continent of the past called Pangaea.

Through embryology, scientists are also able to find underlying links that imply evolutionary relationships.

according to the second law of thermodynamics------every energy transfer or transformation increases the entropy of the universe, which also can be understood that during every energy transfer or transformation, some energy becomes unavailable to do work, like heat.

we use this equation to show energy transfer or tranformation,ΔG means The change in free energy; ΔH symbolizes the change in the system’s total energy; ΔS is the change in the system’s entropy; and T is the absolute temperature in Kelvin (K) units.

One example is related to the gill pouches that develop in the embryos of humans and fish.

As these embryos mature into fully-fledged adult organisms, the gill pouches in humans turn into eustachian tubes, while those in the fish become gills.

Homologous structures were found among different species that have evolved to use the same undergirding anatomical structures for disparate purposes to cope with their respective environmental pressures.

For example, the whale’s fin, human forearm, and a bat’s wing all share a similar underlying anatomical structure, providing evidence of a common ancestor.

In addition to the four essay questions, whose conceptual breadth is demonstrated by this example, students complete a multiple-choice section with 120 questions.

The AP Biology test is based on the AP Biology course taught by high school biology teachers in schools in the United States and around the world.


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