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Indeed the street skateboarding social field has been defined dangerous, poetic, authentic, rebellious”. The author defines the strong culture behind skateboarding.

“Street skateboards explicitly enact an urban identity that invokes freedom, non-conformity and engagement with risk. It suggests a skater’s preference when it comes to skating venues. In my paper I will be discussing the misconception of skateboarders and this article covers that which will be very much helpful. departments selected represented central coordination, infrastructure provision and social services. shaping and being shaped by social and economic aspects of human ... Motives for social research: Social research can be motivated by policy ... (why do people do this) Usually uses qualitative methods.

It refers to habitus, a term used in the title, as a “a subconscious manifestation of social structure that includes social habits, values, ways of being, thinking and moving which are collectively generated by social actor while being reinforced by others”. The article relates skateboarding to “the DIY (do it yourself) culture… article called “Targeted Social Mobilization in a Global Manhunt” where Alex Rutherford, data scientist at the UN Global Pulse Research ... These include gaming sites and articles provided by social networking websites, and they often request for the ...

The article generally focuses on the gender relations pertaining to skateboarding. The female skaters also shared their views concerning authenticity.

If you are using APA documentation, the Writing Center offers a short workshop called “APA Documentation”.

Below are some of the most common forms of annotated bibliographies. This form of annotation defines the scope of the source, lists the significant topics included, and tells what the source is about.

I chose this subculture because I find it fascinating how skaters are able to suspend themselves in the air, and perform tricks with their skateboards. it showcases the declining status of native identity in North America.

In addition, I am amazed at how persistent skaters are to perfecting skateboarding tricks. Native culture is an integral part of Canadian history, ... The mother represents traditional native culture, and the loss of native identity in contemporary society. the declining status of native self-identity, as well as the submersion of native culture in contemporary society.

I have found various sources for this research paper, besides the three listed below I found an MTV documentary on skateboarding, and also an article that focuses on the fashion styles of skaters.

In addition, to scholarly articles, I will also conduct my research by interviewing skaters on campus and off campus.


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