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The horse was giving way to the auto and now maybe 2D is giving way to CG, but I don’t think one is better than the other." so distinct is the homage to both the old and the new.As Mickey, Minnie, and Horace Horsecollar battle Peg Leg Pete, they act out, essentially, a history of animation on the screen.

The line comes at the beginning of the short–which will be shown with the rest of the nominated shorts in select theaters this weekend—when the action is still entirely rendered in hand-drawn, black and white animation, before it (almost literally) bursts out of the screen into glorious CG color and 3D.

It's also a little confusing, why is the villain's threat to the happily whistling Mickey and Minnie Mouse riding on a hay cart, and director Lauren Mac Mullan explained that she got a lot of questions about it.

That is a sweet, honest, and understandable sentiment, one that is representative of the starting place for just about every animation professional.

Who among us didn’t start out making films or drawings for their immediate family and friends? It’s often a place of unconditional love and support.

But the message of the short is not that the old style is inherently better than its newer counterpart in animation.

"Horse wins over Pete in the car because Horse and Mickey combined are more inventive, and Pete just has power," Mac Mullan said.

While that wouldn’t be without its problems or challenges, there would be a potential gain in how students could keep each other honest and hitting deadlines.

The whole process could be overseen by a thesis advisor, which would help mediate any conflicts (both personal and creative) that arise.

In the CG, Horace Horsecollar uses his own leg to lasso a stuck Mickey, who is dangling from a ceiling.

) has to be seen in 3D in a theater to be experienced in full. The title, Mac Mullan explained, is a reference to a phrase popular among the anti-car contingent in the early days of automobiles, yelled by farmers and the likes when sporty motor cars would break down and strand their drivers.


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