Ancient China Art Essay

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The factors which were required for the ritual usage of the material such as the methods used to make vessels, and the designs behind them, are important.

They are distinctively Chinese and are very individual, so it is actually appropriate that the country's leaders would use the vessels created from bronze, and the weapons made from the scarce material would have been used to fight for the country of China.

What all such brushes have in common, however, is their flexibility.

It is this feature more than any other that allows the calligraphic line to be so fluid and expressive.

Material culture has existed in China for thousands of years, and despite the Bronze Age arriving relatively later in China than most of the world, China soon became a country of master bronze craftsmen with their own unique moulding technique, eventually leading to the mass production of elaborate material goods.

Bronze was initially used to craft weapons from in China, and was first found being used for this in the Shang dynasty, where the main weapons that were made and used were bronze halberds (axe-like weapons) and spears (Tregear, 2003: 21).

The earliest extant examples of Chinese writing are the inscriptions that appear on so-called oracle bones (animal bones and turtle shells) and on bronze vessels, the oldest of which date back to the Shang dynasty (ca.1600-ca.1100 B. These early inscriptions were made on the surface of an oracle bone or a bronze mold with a sharp, pointed instrument.

As a result of this process, the characters (or "graphs" as they are also called) generally lack the kinds of linear variation and other attributes considered prerequisites of true calligraphy. E.), when Chinese artisans perfected the manufacture of the basic materials still used by calligraphers today: brush, ink, paper, and inkstone.

Introduction Discuss the use of bronze in ancient China.

The history of China is universally considered one of the most complex and fascinating, and as an historic centre, China is responsible for some of the most important ancient artifacts in the world.


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