Alice In Wonderland Essay Analysis

The only thing that looks like a perfect shape would be a sphere (the soccer ball).

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By not showing the people’s facial expressions, there’s an indication they have sold their identity to drugs: they have lost their soul. Alice in Wonderland Artwork by Sigmar Polke: Analysis.

Alice in Wonderland became quite a humorous visual correspondence using the projection of transparent images onto grounds composed of multiple, contrasting cloths.

Notice how the polka dots only cover up the middle section and a little bit on the bottom because the artist probably wanted to make sure he was covering up Alice, to show her being curious and confused. The caterpillar faces away from the audience, possibly ashamed of smoking. This shows it is not organized because it is supposed to give you confusion.

I looked closely at the background and noticed there are many soccer balls, when you only need to play with one.

This could mean that not only is your mind confused, it is also messed up.

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The characters are there, but the audience can barely see them, indicating they could be becoming invisible.

Sigmar Polke was creating a wide range of surfaces with various materials, as shown in his 1971 artwork of Alice in Wonderland (Figure 1), which is paint printed on a store bought printed fabric, not a canvas. In the front, the audience sees a transparent Alice talking to the smoking caterpillar, who is sitting on the mushroom.

As you read , [1] when Alice takes a bite out of the mushroom, she can either grow big or small.

This shows that drugs may help the audience for a little bit, but then most of the time, drugs do not help you.

Next to the characters in the painting, there is a translucent soccer player.


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