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Tutors or homework helpers can help him if he is struggling with particular academic material, or just with the self-discipline to apply himself to homework.Helping him get (and stay) organized can be critical, whether you do it by creating structure for working at home, or get him an organizational coach, whose mission is to help him learn to organize himself.If improving his grades in school leads to your child accepting that he's not a failure, then homework might be the link connecting those dots. Pelham Jr, Ph D, director of the Center for Children and Families at Florida International University (FIU), Miami, and senior author of a 2016 study linking homework with academic success for ADHD kids. Pelham noted that one reason his team embarked on the study is a concern that poor homework outcomes in ADHD students translate into underachievement in school, which in his opinion, represents, 'one of the most impairing aspects of childhood ADHD.' Pelham's team found that ADHD students in elementary grades who were taught strategies for approaching homework were more successful than a control group of kids who didn't learn those strategies.

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It doesn't matter that the benefits of homework aren't confirmed for the general student population.

Even if hyperactivity and impulsivity are not significant issues for your teen, symptoms associated with inattention and difficulty with organization can take a big toll once academic expectations are ramped up.

How you can help: Make sure your teenager has access to accommodations in school and in testing if he needs them.

If your child has ADHD, it’s important to be alert for struggles in many areas, not just his functioning in school.

You also want to keep an eye open for difficulties in relationships with friends, emotional functioning, driving, and risky behaviors. Without support, teenagers with ADHD tend to have lower grade point averages and scores on standardized achievement tests, and higher rates of school failure and suspension for problem behavior.


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